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Ice Bath China

Customized Portable Home Steam Sauna Rooms Mobile Steam Sauna Wholesale

Customized Portable Home Steam Sauna Rooms Mobile Steam Sauna Wholesale

According to the way of life of Nordic people. After the sauna, take an ice bath and then another half hour of sauna.

1. Powerful Steam Options: Our sauna room comes with three steam power options to suit your preferences and needs. Choose from 1200W or 2000W to create the perfect steam environment for your personal relaxation and therapeutic purposes.
2. Three-Layer Insulation Fabric: We have incorporated a high-quality three-layer insulation fabric into the design of our sauna room. This fabric helps to retain heat efficiently, ensuring a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your sauna session. The insulation also helps to minimize heat loss, allowing you to enjoy a prolonged and uninterrupted sauna experience.
3. Easy-to-Assemble Pentagonal Sauna Room: Our sauna room features a unique pentagonal design that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. The detachable panels make it convenient to set up the sauna in any desired location within your home. This portable feature ensures flexibility and versatility, enabling you to enjoy the sauna experience whenever and wherever you prefer.
4. Adjustable Temperature Control: With our sauna room, you have full control over the temperature settings. The maximum temperature can reach up to 60℃, allowing you to customize the intensity of your sauna session based on your comfort level and desired therapeutic benefits. This adjustable temperature feature ensures a personalized and enjoyable sauna experience for all users.

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