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Φ90*75 PVC Portable Inflatable Ice Bath Pod

Φ90*75 PVC Portable Inflatable Ice Bath Pod

Production Lead Time:
20 day(s)
Wholesale MOQ:
50 pcs
Customized Logo MOQ:
50 pcs
Monthly Production Capacity:
10000 pcs
  • Customized Packaging: To boost your marketing identity, we also include unique Packaging and logos to attract your audience to your brand’s quality.
  • Customized Features: Ordering 1,000+ pieces of pod, you can customize the following: accessories, product diameter and height, outer fabric pattern, support rod material, inflatable ring material and thickness, etc.
  • Ice Bath Business Plan: Based on customer feedback and market research, we work with customers to conduct industry competition analysis and industrial research and development from a global market perspective.

The outer material of our ice bath tub is made from durable nylon, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The middle layer consists of 6mm polyethylene foam, providing excellent insulation to keep the water cold for extended periods. The inner material is made from high-quality PVC, guaranteeing a waterproof and leak-proof experience.

With a generous barrel diameter of 95cm (37.4in) and a height of 75cm (29.5in), our inflatable tub offers ample space to immerse yourself in icy-cold water. The volume is 430L. It is no longer crowded for people of most heights and weights to use.

8 PVC support poles are more stable than 6 poles.

It has one more water inlet than most tubs. Convenient root chiller connection.

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