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High-end Version Water Chiller for Ice Bath Wholesale

High-end Version Water Chiller for Ice Bath Wholesale

Production Lead Time:
20 day(s)
Wholesale MOQ:
5 pcs
Customized Logo MOQ:
5 pcs
Monthly Production Capacity:
2000 pcs
  • The highest level configuration in the industry. The target users require the ultimate experience or commercial use scenarios.
  • Larger LCD screen and supports IPX4 waterproof level (can be used outdoors in heavy rain environments).
  • 5000W cooling power, the highest cooling power among household chillers. It only takes 1-2 hours to cool 300L water from 25℃ to 3℃;

Premium Ice Bath Machine for Luxury and Therapeutic Needs
Introducing our premium ice bath machine, designed to provide the ultimate experience in luxury and therapeutic recovery. With a range of powerful features and cutting-edge specifications, this high-end version is perfect for upscale hotels, therapy centers, fitness gyms, national team therapy sessions, and personal use among individuals with a higher income bracket.
Power Options:
Choose from three power variants: 0.8 HP, 1 HP, and 2 HP. Each option delivers exceptional performance and reliability, catering to different requirements.
Ozone Disinfection Functionality:
Our ice bath machine is equipped with advanced ozone disinfection functionality, ensuring superior cleanliness and hygiene. This feature provides an additional layer of protection, making it ideal for environments where sanitation is paramount.
Built-in Leakage Protector:
Safety is our top priority. That's why our machine comes with a built-in leakage protector, offering enhanced protection against electrical faults and ensuring the well-being of users.
Dual Voltage Support:
Our ice bath machine is designed to be versatile, supporting both 110V and 220V power supply options. This flexibility allows for easy integration into various settings without the need for additional modifications.
Optimal Dimensions and Weight:
The machine is available in three sizes, each carefully crafted to accommodate different spaces and usage requirements. Dimensions include L45.5*W42*H51cm, L51*W43*H56cm, and L57*W46*H61cm, with corresponding net weights of 29.0 kgs, 35.0 kgs, and 39.0 kgs respectively.
Optional Touchscreen Upgrade:
Enhance user experience and convenience by upgrading to a sleek touchscreen interface. This intuitive control panel makes operation effortless and adds a modern touch to the overall design.
WiFi Connectivity and Mobile Control:
Stay connected and in control with our WiFi-enabled ice bath machine. With the ability to connect to your smartphone, you can easily monitor and adjust settings, ensuring optimal performance and convenience.
Compatible with 0.02mm Filter:
For superior filtration capabilities, our ice bath machine can be equipped with a 0.02mm filter. This optional feature helps maintain water quality and purity, providing an even more enjoyable and hygienic experience.
Ideal Applications:
Our ice bath machine is perfectly suited for a range of settings, including high-end hotels, therapy centers, fitness gyms, and national team therapy sessions. It is also an excellent choice for personal use among individuals seeking top-notch recovery and relaxation.
Temperature Range and Refrigerant Type:
The recommended operating temperature ranges from 3-42℃ (Max. 1-45℃), offering a customizable experience to meet individual preferences. The refrigerant used is the highly efficient R410A, ensuring optimal cooling performance.
Color Customization:
Personalize your ice bath machine to match your aesthetic preferences. Choose between classic white or sleek black, allowing seamless integration into any environment.

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